How To Choose Luxury Sofas

Sumptuous fabrics and plush filling. Elegant designs that bring opulence and lavishness to mind. A luxury sofa is an investment that will highly impact your comfort and quality of life. If you don’t think so or have doubts about it, you can always play The Sims.

A sofa is like a presentation card. When you welcome visitors into your home, they will judge you based on the general décor, and you can be sure they will judge your chosen furniture. Having comfortable and stylish sitting pieces is also an important part of your own day-to-day life, so you might as well choose one that makes you feel like royalty.

A luxury sofa is not necessarily antique-looking. There are several styles from where to choose, and different materials as well. They do have in common that they look fantastic, and their comfort level is so high you will think you are sitting on a cloud. They are the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Why choose a luxury sofa?

Well, that very much depends on one simple reason: Do you want to live in comfort or not? If the answer is yes, buying a luxury sofa will be an investment in your quality of life instead of just another expense.

When choosing your luxury sofa, you have to consider your current decoration and whether or not you want to do a complete overhaul or integrate the new piece to what you already have. If you have a big family or receive guests regularly, choose a solid piece with a resistant framework and materials such as leather to guarantee a long life of constant use.

If your family is small or doesn’t have people over frequently, you can choose a more delicate piece, but consider the intended use before committing to a sofa.

How much is a luxury sofa?

That depends. A luxury sofa isn’t necessarily the most expensive one, but if you want to get good quality and dashing looks, then you can expect prices to be on the high side of the scale.

Buying a sofa is no trifling matter: It’s a statement of your style and how you want the people around you to perceive you. While the same can be said about clothes, you wouldn’t expect to wear the same pair of pants for ten years, but you will probably have your sofa for longer than that, so be prepared to research the best options for you and to invest money in something that will accompany you for years to come.

Magnus Breitling, who used to work with the famous Swiss furniture company Vitra, explains that beyond the manufacturing, there is a thought process, a design concept brought by a person who is thinking about your comfort and style, and this is above and beyond of what you would get with an Ikea sofa. And that costs money.

A luxury sofa will be manufactured with the highest quality materials, which means that it will naturally cost more than anything else you can find at retail stores. But it’s not just about materials because, as Mr. Breitling stated, the design is as much part of the final product as the components.

If you do your homework before buying, you can find good deals for as little as $1,500, but if you want to splurge, you could be looking at a $10,000 sofa. The key is choosing something that will look great in your home but won’t bring you down to bankruptcy.

Materials used in luxury sofas

Luxury sofas are built with outstanding, high-quality materials, starting with a nice, durable framework that can be hardwood or metal. The filling is usually down or feathers, but many manufacturers now use high-density foam covered with down or feathers to guarantee that the cushions will hold their shape for a long time but will be cozy and soft.

Another important thing is the spring system: the best you can get is an eight-way hand-tied suspension system, which ties springs in eight different ways, and this will provide the perfect structure for a soft, supportive, and comfortable sofa.

Finally, the last thing to consider is upholstery, which is as varied as there are fabrics: from buttery leather to silk brocade, or the softest velvet you can imagine. When choosing a luxury sofa, it all comes down to your tastes.

Different Styles of Luxury Sofas

A sofa can be an understated piece of furniture or a blatant demonstration of style. It can even represent a whole style period – ever heard of a Louis XV chair? – so choosing a style can be an overwhelming task. Keep in mind that even if your décor is restricted to a particular style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include a piece that doesn’t “belong” to it.

There are basic shapes and styles of luxury sofas, such as the Knole, the settee, and the canapé, which are French styles; the camelback and the chesterfield, which are British, and more modern styles such as art deco, lawson, sectional, and tuxedo styles of sofas, which first appeared during the 20th century.

If you want customization, then a sectional sofa might be a good choice for you since it allows for multiple configurations, and that will let you change your living room from time to time. Take your time and look into different styles before taking the big step.

Our selection of the top 10 best luxury sofas

1 – Iona 96” Sofa, Ombré Blue Linen

Three rich shades of blue and the softest, panel tufted linen, and a resistant and modern framework made of alder and walnut wood make this an elegant and modern sofa. The plush filling makes it comfortable for spending a cozy afternoon on it with your favorite book, and your guests will want to stay in your house for long hours. The shades of blue are royal, periwinkle, and navy, which bring a sense of peace and calm to your living room, and those colors combined with the brown hardwood legs of the sofa create a combination of regal and homey that will make you want to spend all your free time sitting there.

2 – Gess 90” Tuxedo Sofa, Ivory Linen

Modern. Plush. Lavish. Soft. Cozy. A comfortable tuxedo sofa to sit and relax in your home or office. The sofa has a frame and splayed legs made of reclaimed alder, a water-resistant hardwood used for the bases of stilt houses in Venice. Filled with down and feathers and upholstered with washed linen in ivory hues, the tufted body of this sofa is incredibly soft and springy, which adds to the comfort and support of the piece. It includes two decorative pillows in the same linen and filled with feathers and down, and the combination will make you want to take long afternoon naps snuggled with a blanket.

3- Annelise 84” Sofa, Indigo Batik/Cream

Beautiful, modern lines that perfectly complement the indigo print of the fabric. The upholstery of this elegant, classy sofa is a combination of linen and cotton. The insides are filled with polyurethane foam of high durability and density, covered with down and feathers to make it more fluffy comfortable. At the same time, it retains its shape, which ensures comfort and relaxation for its users. The frame is built of strong and resilient alder wood and, combined with the pewter screws that hold the structure together, guarantees you will have an enviable sofa for years to come. For ease of transportation, the legs of the sofa can be unscrewed. The sofa’s design incorporates two side pillows to rest your arms and four cushions in the back, and you can play with their placement to change the style in a moment.

4- Beau 72.5” Sofa, Gray

Another tuxedo design in a lovely and warm gray color, this stylish and exquisite sofa combines an enchanting contemporary design with today’s aesthetic parameters’ simple and clean lines. Kara Mann of Milling Road fame designed this model, and her background in art and fashion really come through with this piece. Heavily padded for added comfort, the strong and durable birch frame is covered with durable linen in gray, an easy color to integrate into any style of décor, and filled with foam and downy feathers to ensure pleasant afternoons of delightful conversation. The birch frame comes in an oyster color, and the upholstery is gray. Functional and versatile, this sofa can easily blend into any room.

5 – Catherine Sofa, Navy Velvet

With a tuxedo design that evokes the 19th century and Jane Austen’s heroines, this stunning sofa is elegant and regal, a perfect fit if your living room is opulent and richly decorated. The soft, navy blue velvet encloses a steady frame made of birch, pine, and plywood, with heavy padding made of strong and durable foam. The legs have caster wheels incorporated for ease of movement and to protect your floor from nasty scratches. The silver-colored nail heads and the buttoned back add to the charm, bringing a new look to the classic style.

6 – Serena 72” Settee, Oyster White

Manufactured in the United States with a sturdy frame made of alder in a dark walnut color and linen upholstery in classic oyster white, this tuxedo settee embodies classic elegance and allure. The deep button tufts on the upholstery add to the look of cushioned comfort provided by the use of poly-foam. Brass nail-heads and hardwood legs complete the piece for a fabulous piece that will make your living room look like sophistication arrived to stay.

7 – Coco 82” Tufted Sofa, Pewter

Furniture designer Kristin Drohan not only has glamour in mind, but she also works towards creating pieces that are friendly to the environment by using recycled and low-impact materials in her works. This time she came up with this luxurious sofa, with hardwood frame and microsuede upholstery in pewter color, recycled-metal spring coils for added springiness, and filled with recycled polyester and polyurethane for a durable and eco-friendly piece of furniture. It is an elegant design adorned with tufts and buttons to make it look even cozier – if such a thing is possible – and the microsuede is highly resistant to most stains and dirt. This sofa is a great investment overall and an even better choice if you want a versatile and environmentally friendly sofa.

8 – 1920s English Oxblood Chesterfield Sofa

Vintage is the game, and this sofa is definitely winning. This piece was reportedly made in England, and, like wine, age has only increased its appeal. With a wooden frame and supple, buttery, oxblood red leather upholstery, this is a one-of-a-kind piece that will grace any room. Thoughts of elegant men’s clubs, important business meetings, and powerful people come to mind as we look at this classical chesterfield sofa. Soft curves and sinuous lines combined with the tufted back and armrests invite to an evening of relaxation with a good book and a drink.

9 – Garbo 85” Sofa, Turmeric Velvet

This beautiful sofa in soft yellow brings thoughts of sun and spring to mind. The fresh and energizing color combines soft velvet upholstery with a strong kiln-dried hardwood frame, metallic springs, and fillings of high-density polyurethane foam, down, and feathers to create a warm, comfortable, and luxurious sofa. It is a classically designed sofa with mahogany spiral-cut legs, and this three-seater sofa is perfect if you are looking for something elegant yet bright and energizing. Reinforced stitches and high-quality micro-denier polyester lining on the cushions and upholstery will ensure a long life of use, preventing spills and stains from damaging the sofa.

10 – Lucio 78” Sofa, Cream

If the beautiful interlaced decorative design of the arms of this sofa doesn’t catch your eye, nothing else will. This tuxedo-style sofa has a strong frame made of birch and gorgeous cream upholstery on the seat and teal and cream cushions. The frame is painted black and has brass finishes on the armrests, and the seat and the cushions are filled with feathers and down. The seat also has hand-tied springs for better suspension, which, combined with the feathers and down filling, make it cushy and comfy, perfect for spending long hours talking with your friends.