How To Choose Leather Italian Sofas

Some times you need a simple sofa, and other times you just want the best that money can buy. If you are looking for the best leather sofa, look for Italian leather. Regarded as the best and highly sought after, Italian leather is of high quality, beauty and durability.

It’s important to not mix up Italian design sofas and sofas using Italian leather, one of the finest leather you can find for a couch/sofa. We’ll focus on the Italian leather here but we did include in our selection a few Italian design sofas.

What is an Italian sofa?

An Italian sofa is a sofa upholstered in Italian leather, which is widely considered as the best leather you can find. The Italian artisans who work with leather put an enormous amount of effort into their products, and as such, they will only allow the best quality to reach customers.

Italian leather workers use all-natural products to manufacture their leather, and since the process is handmade, the final product is more expensive than mass produced leather, and it takes longer to make. Each piece manufactured with Italian leather is one of a kind because the tanning process leaves different patterns, so two items of the same type will never look identical.

How to choose an Italian sofa?

The first thing to know is that there are different types of leather available: full grain, top grain, patent, chrome, vegetable tanned, aniline leather, semi-aniline leather, pigmented leather, finished split leather, pull-up leather, suede, embossed leather and more.

Next, you want to touch the leather sofa, and pay special attention to the texture, grain, craftsmanship and stitching. If the leather feels supple to the touch, is clean and the craftsmanship and stitching look detailed and careful, those are signs of a good quality sofa. If on the contrary, the leather feels stiff and has a plastic texture and smell, keep walking. Find out if there are certificates of authenticity for your preferred model and if the sofa has a warranty.

Be prepared to sit and relax on many different sofas and ask many questions to find the perfect model for your needs. Remember that you will be investing on a piece of furniture that will stay with you for long years to come, so do not rush the decision.

Caring for your Italian leather sofa

Leather, as resistant as it is, is also delicate and requires certain care to retain its quality:

  • If you want to use something to cover your Italian leather sofa, use blankets made of natural fabrics and avoid plastics, as leather needs to breathe to avoid mildew.
  • If you live in a humid area, keep your leather sofa in a well-aired room or use a dehumidifier to avoid mold.
  • Keep your leather sofa away from direct sunlight or the heat of chimneys, as it can decolorize and dry it.
  • Use a hand-held vacuum and a dry cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Avoid using silicone, wax or alcohol-based products to clean your sofa.
  • Use a light leather conditioner on your sofa once or twice per year.

Our selection of the top 10 Best Italian Sofas

1 – Chesterfield Sofa by Mod Made

A classic design, modernised by the white top grain tufted Italian leather upholstery, this beautiful sofa is the perfect mix between timeless romance and contemporary fun. Sit back, relax and enjoy a delightful evening entertaining or just marveling at your good taste.

2- Valencia 2 Pice Sofa by American Eagle Furniture

This handsome sofa upholstered wtih the finest top grain Italian leather will be the perfect addition to a modern, sunny living room. The soft, buttery yellow leather upholstery will bring a sense of light and joy to your room, and the plush, soft cushions filled with high-density foam will bring the comfort. Hardwood frames are the last component in this piece that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

3 – Dorianne Sectional Sofa by Limari Home

A delightful and lively orange leather upholstery covers a hardwood frame, high-density foam filling, all supported by modern metal legs; a delightful combination which creates this beautiful sectional sofa. It is designed for your comfort and will be the perfect piece for a medium-sized living room.

4 – Classic Tufted Victorian Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

An elegant Victorian sofa with scroll arm rests; this will be the focus of a grand living room. Beautiful, buttery Italian leather covers a strong and resistant hardwood frame. The tufted buttons add to the classic look, and five wooden legs in a dark color give it stability to support its large frame.

5 – Versachi II Sofa & Loveseat by ESF

A modern European design, this is perfect for a modern and elegant living room. The cushions are filled with high-density foam covered with memory foam for increased comfort, and the hardwood frame of recycled pine or oak is corner-blocked for enhanced strength. Finally, the upholstery is top grain Italian leather with a leatherette back, and brass studs finish the look.

6 – Abbyson Living Foyer Premier Sofa by Abbyson Living

A beautiful sofa upholstered in top grain Italian leather in two tones of brown, this luxurious model has a kiln-dried hardwood frame and is filled with high-density foam for a comfortable, plush rest. It is hand-stitched with tufted buttons and the corners have block joints for added resistance.

7 – Handmade Vintage 72 Inch Sofa by Patrick

With flawless handmade finishes, this sofa screams elegance. An alder wood frame upholstered in true Brompton top grain Italian leather and filled with high-density foam and metal springs, this is the pinnacle of sophistication and comfort. It comes in different colors – brown, caramel or grey – and it supports up to a thousand pounds of weight. A sofa to last a lifetime!

8 – Copenhagen Contemporary Italian Design Sectional Sofa by Beliani

A combination of cowhide for the seating surfaces and synthetic leather for the rest, this sectional sofa is a perfect match between modern design and high quality. It can seat up to people and is supported by sixteen metallic legs with rubber bottoms to avoid scratches. The beautiful finishes and comfortable cushioning will be a favorite of visitors and roommates alike!

9 – Left Sectional Sofa by J&M Furniture

A functional and modern sectional sofa upholstered in top grain Italian leather and supported by metallic legs, this model is perfect for a contemporary d├ęcor. Six head cushions can be adjusted to suit the needs, and you can be sure that your guests will never want to leave your living room!

10 – Espresso Sectional Sofa by VIG Furniture

Beautiful and modern sectional sofa set upholstered in top grain Italian leather, this set includes a sectional sofa, a coffee table and two ottoman chairs that can be used as footrests or side tables. The headrests can be adjusted to fit your needs. This sectional sofa is a perfect addition to any contemporary living room.