How To Choose A Sofa Under $300 In 2019

Are you feeling uncomfortable while watching TV on your couch? Have you noticed your guests look a bit uneasy when they sit there? Does your sofa look too worn off? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the most probable is that the exciting time to change your sofa has arrived!

And yes, what an exciting time! Don’t dread the experience of choosing and selecting a new sofa, and instead take it as a fun opportunity to replace a precious item for your home or office, one that matches your needs and style while refreshing your decoration.

Are you not convinced? Do you still find it intimidating? It’s understandable. To many people, obtaining a sofa can be the cause of anxiety, especially if they are on a budget. However, it’s entirely possible to get a good and affordable sofa under 300 U$D and SofaSumo can guide you through the experience.

Buying a sofa on a $300 budget

The price for a sofa can range from $50 for a used piece found in a garage sale or flea market, to over $10K for a luxurious piece from a designer’s collection. Purchasing an expensive sofa is a great advantage because, as it happens with most products, quality is directly proportional to price; however, being on a budget is not necessarily a bad thing. A budget allows you to search in a specific pool of options matching your specific needs, stay focused and save money for other important things, and buy consciously.

As we have mentioned before in another article about buying a sofa on a budget, usually, new furniture releases occur from February to late March, therefore making these months the best time to look for good sofa bargains, since the stores need to clear off the existing furniture to make space for the new products.

The same principle applies to furniture-selling websites such as Amazon, which offers additional benefits such as the reviews from verified customers, good customer service, competitive delivery prices, and process, as well as being time-saving, allowing you to search and compare many different sofas under 300 in an organized way.

Best 10 Sofas under 300

1 – Modern Two-Tone Living Room Love Seat by Divano Roma Furniture

This rather large love seat is made with a sturdy hardwood frame and five wooden block legs for good balance and support. The design has a strong block color plus white edges for a nice and delicate contrast. The seat cushions are firm, and the velvet fabric is soft and nice to the touch. It comes with two accent pillows that add to the comfort. This sofa looks elegant and works for a homey or modern look for a home or office. It also comes in blue, dark grey, light grey, and purple.

2 – Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa – Configurable Couch by Divano Roma Furniture

Following its tradition of making sofas for small places, this manufacturer offers a chic sectional sofa upholstered in durable and easy to clean bonded leather for a contemporary and luxurious look at an affordable price. The frame is made of resistant hardwood, with a chrome finish that makes it more attractive and a good option for a stylish look in a home or office. It’s easy to set up, and the back cushions come with a discreet Velcro strip so that they stay in place.

You can also find it in blue, dark grey, light grey, and white.

3 – Convertible Futon Linen Tufted Split Back Couch by Best Choice Products

Futons are amongst the most popular choices for those concerned with space and versatility. This plush futon comes with hypoallergenic filling and resistant linen upholstery, and it comes with two accent pillows of the same material and color. The split-back is separated in two halves and each one has two positions, upright and flat, which you can accommodate independently. The six legs give this futon enough support for either purpose (sofa or bed). The assembling instructions are clear and easy to follow.

You can find it in eight different colors within the same price range: beige, black, blue, brown, dark grey, dark red, light grey, and violet

4 – Tufted Linen Split-back Recliner Sleeper Futon Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

Modern design with four wooden legs and a fifth one to add more stability, this futon sofa incorporates a split back so you can adjust it to your needs. It easily transforms into a bed for overnight guests, or if you want to lounge around with a good book. The soft linen fabric makes it perfect to spend long afternoons in delightful company.

If blue is not your preference, check it out in dark grey, light grey, and purple.

5 – Mid-Century Modern Linen Fabric Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

A contemporary design with a deep luscious velvet color, this sofa is a great addition for a clean and attractive-looking room. The upholstery is made from soft, handpicked linen, which is both durable and pleasant to touch. It includes two decorative pillows in the same color. The seat and back are filled with high-density memory foam, making it comfortable but also guaranteeing a long life of use without losing its shape. It allows a max of three people of average size to sit comfortably. This attractive sofa is another great choice for a small living room or office and comes in beige, black, dark blue, and light grey.

6 – Upholstered Contemporary Modern Loveseat by Modway

If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant sofa under 300 for your home or office, consider this stylish loveseat inspired in the classic Chesterfield sofas, and upholstered in an impeccable and glossy white faux leather with a tufted back.

It looks fancy but it doesn’t hurt your budget, and because of its color, you can place it anywhere without ruining your décor or your floor, since the sturdy wooden legs come with non-marking caps.

7 – Brittany Sofa Futon by Novogratz

A futon designed with inviting and clean lines, and using a linen upholstery for more durability and easy cleaning. The tufted and cushioned back makes it stand out from other futons, making it more comfortable and stylish. The frame is made of resistant wood, and the cushions are filled with polyester and foam, so you should expect it’s comfortable but also solid, which will help it maintains it shape in time. It’s very easy to assemble and ideal for small rooms. It also comes in olive green and light blue. Consider this one if you have small children or pets!

8 – RTA Copenhagen Collection 61″ Loveseat by Serta

With its curved arms, plush cushions filled with memory foam and velvety microfiber fabric upholstery, this loveseat does not disappoint in the comfort area. The frame is constructed from hardwood materials, and the seat uses premium sinuous coil for support. It’s easy to assemble, with no tools required, and fits in small rooms. This robust couch under 300 USD has the classic design and color of the familiar sofas everybody wants, one so comfortable that you can spend a long time without remorse.

9 – Modern Sectional Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

A versatile and modern design, this sectional sofa comes with a chaise lounge you can conveniently place in either side. Why is that convenient? Well, because you can adapt it to your space and change it from time to time to give the room a different look, which is extra helpful for small places. The upholstery is resistant (linen), the filling is quite firm, and the frame is made from hardwood. The assembly is very easy, and it comes with two decorative pillows for extra comfort.

Currently, it’s also available in apricot, dark grey, light grey, orange, rose red, sky blue, and yellow.

10 – Dilleston Sleeper Sofa Bed by Coaster Home Furnishing

This sofa bed is another great option for those looking for versatility, comfort, and durability at a reasonable price. The upholstery is made of bonded leather that feels soft and is easy to clean, and it’s filled with foam. The chrome finish gives this piece a contemporary look. It’s also available in white.

Are you interested in any of these products? Compare them easily with the table below.

Comparison Table – Sofas Under $300

SofaNameBrandPrice (USD)Seating CapacityUpholstery Material
Modern Two-Tone Living Room Love SeatDivano Roma Furniture$299.993Velvet
Bonded Leather Sectional SofaDivano Roma Furniture$279.993Bonded Leather
Convertible Futon Linen Tufted Split Back CouchBest Choice Products$299.553Linen
Tufted Linen Split-back Recliner Sleeper Futon SofaDivano Roma Furniture$179.992Linen
Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Living Room SofaDivano Roma Furniture$279.993Linen
Contemporary Modern LoveseatModway$298.002Faux Leather
Brittany Sofa FutonNovogratz$238.473Linen
RTA Copenhagen Collection 61" SofaSerta$288.892Velvet
Modern Sectional Sofa with Reversible ChaiseDivano Roma Furniture$279.993Linen
Dilleston Sleeper Sofa BedCoaster Home Furnishings$258.192Bonded leather match PU

If you’d like to see all the sofas under $300 selling on Amazon, click here.

If you’re adjusting your budget, look through our selection for Best Sofas Under $200.

And if you feel like you don’t know where to start, we recommend you to read our homepage article. It’ll guide you in your quest for a good sofa.

Have you purchased any of these products? Tell us your experience in the comments.

How To Choose A Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper In 2020

Sofa beds are a great option for any homeowner, not only for small homes but also larger ones. They’re a great solution if you don’t have enough space or budget for beds and couches, and also let you receive guests who’ll stay overnight.

Whether you’re thinking of the benefits of a sofa bed for your main home or your vacation home, there are a number of things you’ll think about eventually.

This article will help you know more about sleeper sofas, and what to look for if you want to purchase one.

How to Choose a Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are a versatile furniture element for any home. Just as its name says, it fulfills a double function as a sofa and as a bed, and it results especially practical for small houses, flats and studios.

And it’s precisely because of that functionality and practicality that it has many aspects to consider before buying one, to avoid making the wrong purchase.

But choosing the perfect sofa bed for your home doesn’t depend on good luck. The main aspects you need to consider before buying one are:


Before trying to choose from all the options available, think of how much you’re willing to pay. While sofa beds can be as expensive as any other piece of furniture, a good quality sofa bed can be found in a range from $500 to $1000.


Its looks and price will not make it fit everywhere. That’s why you need to think about space and size.

Start by measuring the space where you want to put it, as well as the height of the room and the doorways. You’ll need to check that you can move it through all the hallways and doors before even entering to your home, and finally, you’ll want it to fit wherever you want to place it.

Take notes and bring the tape measure with you to the store (or check the measurements details, if you’re buying online). Typically, sofa beds have four standard sizes: chair (51 to 58 inches), twin (56 to 65 inches), full (68 to 92 inches) and queen (79 to 101 inches).


You’ll need to decide one of the most important aspects of the sofa bed: do you prefer sitting comfort or sleeping comfort?

Because sofa beds fulfill both roles, manufacturers focus on enhancing one of the two aspects, and on rarely both. You must always choose a sturdy frame, but when it comes to comfort, think of what’s the primary use you’ll give it.

In the sitting position, it will probably have better support than a regular sofa because their construction and frame are different. The sleeping position comfort and support varies depending on the mattress.

The quality of the mattress will dictate how comfortable it is, and you’ll need to try it in both positions to see what feels better.

For innerspring mattresses, the balance and support depend on the amount of coil (the more the better).

Air-coil mattresses are a combination of memory foam and innerspring mattress with an air mattress on top.

But the most comfortable option is the memory foam mattress because the foam adapts to the user’s position.

Frame mechanism

Most of them work similarly, but you still need to verify that it’s easy to operate and has no damages if it’s used. Test the mechanism to see if it’s easy to operate by yourself. Move it around a few meters and lift it to check its weight. Try it on both positions -folded as a sofa, and opened as a bed- to see if it feels as you would expect.

Different Types of Sofa Beds

The best type of sofa beds for you will depend on your personal taste as well as some functionality factors. Each one comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

The most common types of sofa beds are:

Futons seem to be the most common type among university students and young adults in general. Probably because their weight makes them easy to move around and transport, its folding mechanism is easy to operate, it doesn’t need a lot of space, and it’s affordable.

Unfortunately, futons are not very comfortable. If you want to keep one for a long time, you’ll probably need to change the mattress every couple of years. Its low-density foam and cotton filling hardens with time and can feel uncomfortable against the frame.


Pull-out Sofa Bed

Another type of sofa bed, although manufacturers mostly focus on the ‘sitting function’ comfort.

The sofa cushions are usually comfortable. Avoid thin mattresses as they may present the same problem as with futons: it needs to be thick enough so the frame doesn’t feel so close to the body, creating discomfort in the bed function.



Daybed / Divan

The two terms are usually used indistinctly, but they actually refer to two different things.


A divan is basically a backless sofa. Because of this, it’s placed against a wall to provide back support for the ‘sitting function’. As a bed, it only needs to be separated from the wall and cleared off from cushions.
 a daybed is something like a divan, but with back support (also, they frequently come with armrests). For this reason, a daybed can be placed at any part of the room and used as a sofa or a bed, as you can easily just bend the back.

The lack of a sturdy frame makes daybeds and divans to lose a bit of shape and support over time.


Different Folding Mechanisms

Some sofa bed types come with different folding mechanisms. Ideally, they should be easy to operate and have a good enough quality to make them respond to your everyday routine.

The usual folding mechanisms that convert a sofa bed from its sitting function to its bed function are:

Two Fold

Start by removing the cushions. One of the sitting ‘base’ is free, find the mechanism and pull it out until the leg is on the floor. This mechanism is the one used by the pull-out sofa bed.


It works similarly to a drawer. In this type of mechanism, the bed simply slides under the sofa.


This curious name comes from the sound it makes when it’s unfolded. It’s the simplest type of sofa bed.

This curious name comes from the sound it makes when it’s unfolded. It’s the simplest type of sofa bed. Its sofa form is obtained by folding the mattress in a sitting angle. Unfolding it effortlessly converts into a bed. It’s the common mechanism for daybeds.


While not strictly a folding mechanism, it’s how you convert a divan from a sofa type to a bed. It means to simply move it away from the wall.

Three Fold

A mechanism that simply folds the sofa bed in three parts, just like its name suggests.

The Importance of the Mattress

Sofa beds are especially useful for small places since they fulfill both functions in the same space. Sure, it has some downsides, but whatever the reason you chose to get one, the point is that it can be used as a primary bed, or only occasionally when hosting a guest.

However, sofa bed mattresses frequently don’t have the best quality to guarantee a good night sleep. Manufacturers often prefer to use cheap materials to lower their costs, and unfortunately, the end user is the one who suffers the consequences of a poor mattress.

It’s safe to say most people have experienced a bad night of sleep at least once in their lifetime and felt how much it affects productivity and the overall state of mind for the next day.

So, can you imagine what it would be like to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress every day? Or, would you want to be the one responsible for backaches and cranky moods of your guests?

A good night sleep is known to improve the memory, affect the weight, decrease stress levels, improve creativity, and improve your immune system and overall health. Not to mention that it obviously makes your body and mind feel well rested.

That’s why a sofa bed should be considered an important investment. Whether you’ll use the bed every day or only occasionally, you need to be informed of the different types of mattresses in order to understand what you’re getting, and what to expect.

Memory Foam Mattress

It’s in the middle between too soft and too hard, so it’s comfortable for most people, and it doesn’t transfer motion.

They retain heat, so the best ones are those which use open cell technology (and not closed cells) so that it doesn’t feel too hot. Petroleum foam may produce an unpleasant chemical smell, so you might also prefer the ones created from soybeans, which are also eco-friendly.


It’s the firmest kind of sofa bed mattress. It can be manufactured from synthetic latex or natural latex.

Synthetic latex breaks down and loses its color when it’s constantly exposed to sunlight. Natural latex is overall better and eco-friendly.


It provides a good support and reduces motion transfer while remaining comfortable, but this is only achieved by the foam density. The most common go from 1.2 lbs to 2.5 lbs. A number in between will probably be the best option, as it won’t break down too quickly as if it had a lower density, and it won’t retain heat as if it had a higher density.

Again, the foam from soybeans are eco-friendly and breathe more easily.

Air Over Coil

This type is an air mattress with coils in the base. You can adjust the firmness when you’re inflating it.

But unfortunately, they’re easily damaged. You need to beware of faulty valve systems and air bladders or micro-holes.

Also, they can be stored easily, but they take some time to set up and take down before and after use.


Coil mattresses are the least comfortable type. It’s probably because the low padding on top of the coil. This makes them the most affordable type.

Still, if you’re thinking about purchasing one, consider getting one with heat treated coils to relieve tension and lower discomfort.


Our Selection of the Top 10 Best Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper in 2017

Quality and comfort are important, but sofa beds should also be a part of your home decoration and personal style.

These different designs bring comfort and style to your modern home:

1. Movie Sleeper Sofa by Manhattan Modern

Besides fulfilling its double function, it brings under bed storage. Built with wood frames and legs. Comes in 75 x 39 x 36 inches as a sofa, and 75 x 59 x 16 inches as a bed. It’s manufactured in the USA.

2. Ikea Sleeper Sofa, Skiftebo

The frame it’s made out of solid wood, particleboard and plywood. The mechanism is made out of steel and the foam and cushions are made of polyurethane in different densities. It’s 90.5 inches wide with 35.88 inches of depth. Its bed width is 55.13 inches, and its length is 79.75 inches.

3. Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Convertible Sofa Set by Supernova

This one is the perfect set including one sofa bed and one bench, with the addition of two cushion bolsters. It has resistant wood legs and a metal frame. It’s filled with high-density foam, and the upholstery is made of polyester and rayon.

4. Corner Convertible Left Side Sofa Bed by The Smart Sofa

A modern mix between a sectional sofa and a daybed, that offers a modern and stylish look. It’s made in Turkey.

5. K-56 Fabric Sofa Bed by J Modern Manhattan

With a mid-century modern look, this wide sofa bed comes with a resistant stainless steel base and dark oak wood platform. It unfolds easily to form a large bed of 76 inches long and 53 inches in depth.

6. Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa by Mercury Row

A traditional looking sofa that unfolds into a futon. Its four block legs provide a good balance. Its foam filling has a density of 1.8 cubic feet, and the upholstery is made from polyester.

7. Segovia Sofa by Fat June

This is another traditional looking sofa but has more of a minimalistic design. It has removable armrests and unfolds into a futon.

8. Modern Florence Style Loveseat Sofa by LeisureMod

Inspired in the Chesterfield sofa, but with soft Cashmere Wool and synthetic fabric upholstery, making it great for formal and informal spaces. The frame is made of hardwood and the external stainless steel base frames are fully welded and sanded.

9. Natuzzi Editions Rananto Sleeper Collection Sofa

Its clean and simple lines make it a great sofa bed for a contemporary home. The unfolding mechanism is easy to operate, and it comes with storage space. The mattress is made of comfortable memory foam with patented antibacterial and hypo-allergenic properties.

10. IDO Fabric Sleeper Sofa by J&M Furniture

This sofa bed comes with two side tables and an easily unfolding mechanism. You can use it as a three seat sofa, as a large bed, or combine it as a two seat sofa and a chaise lounge.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that by now you know that choosing the best sofa bed for your needs is not as easy as it seems. Unlike with sofas where you just mostly consider price, style, frame, filling and upholstery, you have to also consider additional factors that influence its bed function and hence, your sleeping quality.

Again, think of a sofa bed as an investment. Whether you’re buying one for the first time or replacing mechanism or mattress, remember it needs to live up to your expectations, and your back!

The Best Italian Leather Sofa Brands in 2019

Finding the perfect leather sofa is as satisfying as finding your significant other. There is something so down-to-earth and familiar about a leather sofa that will make your house look cosier immediately. Even if you are into modern and contemporary design there is sure to be a model that will fit your home.

Leather sofas are not just comfortable, they are quite a luxury, too. It can be an expensive investment, but buying a good leather sofa is almost a guarantee that you will have that piece of furniture for decades to come. Leather resists wear and tear, spills, stains, scratches, and it is like wine, better with age. It will become softer and suppler with use, which will, in turn, make it more comfortable.

Cleaning a leather sofa is also an easy task. Use a damp cloth to remove spills, and a vacuum cleaner or a duster to get rid of dust and pet hairs that accumulate in the crevices. There are products specially made for leather upholstery, so make sure to use them when you want to do an in-depth cleaning, and stay away from silicone or wax polishes.

Are you worried about the price? If so, the best advice is to think of it as an investment and to remember that a leather sofa will usually last much longer than a fabric sofa would, if you take good care of it.

Is the brand important when choosing a leather sofa?

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” There is no denying that we implicitly trust brand names as more reliable, a higher quality. If there were two exact versions of the same sofa, one of them under a known brand name and the other a generic one, and if they had the same price on the tag, chances are we would buy the brand name.

On the other hand, in the years after the financial crisis of 2008 the average person has become more conscious of spending habits, and now it is normal to think about spending less without sacrificing quality.

The same principle applies to leather sofas. While there are amazing brands out there; if you dig deep enough you can find perfectly adequate leather sofas, usually manufactured by small shops, but with a level of craftsmanship that rivals even the most renowned brands.

Our advice is to think about a leather sofa as you would think about a piece of clothing you intend to use for a long time: get the best quality, no matter the name.

Can I still expect quality from an unknown brand?

Absolutely! As we mentioned before, there are small manufacturers that can come up with incredibly beautiful and high-quality leather sofas that will satisfy even the most obnoxious snob out there. They are usually artisans dedicated to working with leather and work with a team of people to make unique leather sofas only.  Unfortunately, the work of leather smiths is falling out of practice, so it’s not an easy task to find them. You can find here a selection of the top-rated leather sofas currently selling in the US, from world-famous brands, independent designers and up and coming retailers.

Our selection of the best 10 Leather Sofa Brands of 2018

1 – American Eagle Furniture

Olivia Minimal Living Room Bonded Leather Upholstered Sofa

American Eagle Furniture uses the finest Italian leather to offer a large range of sofas and loveseats made from high-quality materials and beautiful upholstery. As you can imagine, this is a US brand, all pieces are made in Southern California and it’s been so for the last 16 years since the company creation in 2002. For stylish but affordable leather pieces, look no further. Shop American Eagle Furniture >

2 – Ashley Furniture

Derwood Contemporary Leather Cushioned Sofa

It’s not real leather, but this brand is a great favourite in North America, especially if you have a limited budget. A family-owned business, their goal is to provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices. They offer lovely sofas upholstered in DuraBlend®, a high-quality faux leather that gives you all the perks at a lower cost. Shop Ashley Furniture >

3 – Divano Roma Furniture

Modern Tufted Bonded Leather Sleeper Futon Sofa

Using high-quality Italian leather, Divano Roma creates modern leather sofas at an affordable price in all colours and shape. The durable bonded leather upholstery look is often completed with a hardwood frame and chrome finish metal legs to give your living room an effortless sense of chic. The perfect choice if you’re on a budget but still seek a good mix of quality, comfort and style. Shop Divano Roma Furniture >

4 – Baxton Studio

Stratham Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Another North American furniture company with an unparalleled dedication to their craft, Baxton Studio, based in Chicago, designs high-quality leather furniture. Encased in many different types of leather available in a myriad of colours to suit even the most exclusive tastes. The impeccable finishes make this brand a favourite among leather sofa enthusiasts. Shop Baxton Studio >

5 – Casa Andrea Milano

MidCentury Modern Plush Leather Living Room Sofa

This brand is a great favourite in North America, especially if you have a limited budget. A family-owned business, their goal is to provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices. They offer lovely sofas upholstered in amazing leather, hardwood frames and comfortable cushions. Shop Casa Andrea Milano >

6 – Flash Furnitures

Hercules Imperial Series White Leather Sofa

From classic 3-seater sofas to modern loveseats, Flash Furnitures has it all. They pride themselves on their product specialization which allows them to offer everything at the best possible prices, which they can do by using bonded leather to upholster their piecesShop Flash Furnitures >

7 – Global Furniture USA

Bonded Leather Sofa with Chrome Base

Founded in 1998 in East Brunswick,  Global Furniture USA works with leading retailers to provide amazing leather furniture with the best materials to create unique pieces of the highest quality.  With its long-standing relationships with the right suppliers. Global Furniture is able to offer leather pieces to all price points. Shop Global Furniture USA >

8 -Homelegance

Upholstered Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Match

Another great option for those who are on a tight budget, Homelegance offers delightful designs upholstered with bonded leather, and their sofas are made to withstand long periods of use. Perfect for those who are looking for their first sofa. Shop Homelegance >

9 – HOMES: Inside + Out

Esme Recliner Transitional 2 Loveseat

A brand which started with the vision to be a place for everything home, HOMES Inside + Out is committed to providing only the best, making it one of the top leather brand in the United States. Shop HOMES: Inside + Out >

10 – VIG Furniture

Modern Grey Eco-Leather Sectional Sofa

Inspired by European design, comfort and design come together in the pieces built by VIG Furniture. The brand offers a range of mid to high-end contemporary furniture known for its great design, its functions and affordable pricing. Shop VIG Furniture >

Best Leather Sofa Brands – Comparison Table

Brand Upholstery Materials Other Materials Sofa Types Back StylesLeather Sofas Price Range (USD)
American Eagle FurnitureLeatherWoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
Tufted$770 - $4,200
Ashley FurnitureDuraBlend® (faux leather)
Love Seats
Sleeper Sofas
$330 - $1,300
Divano Roma FurnitureLeather
WoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
Sleeper Sofas
Tight$250 - $1,900
Baxton StudioLeather
WoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
Tufted$170 - $2,130
Casa Andrea MilanoLeather
WoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
Tight$270 - $1,100
Flash FurnituresLeather
Love Seats
Sectional Sofas
$270 - $3,270
Global Furniture USALeather
WoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
$520 - $3,000
Love Seats
Sectional Sofas
$370 - $2,510
HOMES: Inside + OutLeather
WoodLove Seats
Sectional Sofas
-$240 - $2,430
VIG FurnitureLeather
Sectional Sofas
-$1,300 - $3,300


Next, learn how to find an ergonomic sofa or find our selection of sofas on a budget under $300 and $200.

You can also look directly for the long collection of leather sofas from some of these brands on Amazon.

How To Choose Luxury Sofas In 2019

Sumptuous fabrics and plush filling. Elegant designs that bring opulence and lavishness to mind. A luxury sofa is an investment that will highly impact your comfort and quality of life. If you don’t think so or have doubts about it, you can always play The Sims.

A sofa is like a presentation card. When you welcome visitors into your home, they will judge you based on the general décor, and you can be sure they will judge your chosen furniture. Having comfortable and stylish sitting pieces is also an important part of your own day-to-day life, so you might as well choose one that makes you feel like royalty.

A luxury sofa is not necessarily antique-looking. There are several styles from where to choose, and different materials as well. What they do have in common is that they look fantastic and their level of comfort is so high you will think you are sitting on a cloud. They are the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Why choose a luxury sofa?

Well, that very much depends on one simple reason: Do you want to live in comfort or not? If the answer is yes, then buying a luxury sofa will be an investment in your quality of life instead of just another expense.

When choosing your luxury sofa you have to consider your current decoration and whether or not you want to do a complete overhaul or integrate the new piece to what you already have. If you have a big family or receive guests regularly, choose a solid piece with a resistant framework and materials such as leather to guarantee a long life of constant use. If your family is small or you don’t have people over frequently, then you can choose a more delicate piece, but consider the intended use before committing to a sofa.

How much is a luxury sofa?

That depends. A luxury sofa isn’t necessarily the most expensive one, but if you want to get good quality and dashing looks, then you can expect prices to be on the high side of the scale.

Buying a sofa is no trifling matter: It’s a statement of your style and how you want the people around you to perceive you. While the same can be said about clothes, you wouldn’t expect to wear the same pair of pants for ten years, but you will probably have your sofa for longer than that, so be prepared to research the best options for you and to invest money in something that will accompany you for years to come.

Magnus Breitling, who used to work with the famous Swiss furniture company Vitra, explains that beyond the manufacturing there is a thought process, a design concept brought by a person who is thinking about your comfort and style, and this is above and beyond of what you would get with an Ikea sofa. And that costs money.

A luxury sofa will be manufactured with materials of the highest quality, which means that it will naturally cost more than anything else you can find at retail stores. But it’s not just about materials, because, as Mr. Breitling stated, the design is as much part of the final product as the components.

If you do your homework before buying, you can find good deals for as little as $1,500 but if you want to splurge, you could be looking at a $10,000 sofa. The key is choosing something that will look great in your home but won’t bring you down to bankruptcy.

Materials used in luxury sofas

Luxury sofas are built with outstanding, high-quality materials, starting with a nice, durable framework that can be either hardwood or metal. The filling is usually down or feathers, but many manufacturers now use high-density foam covered with down or feathers to guarantee that the cushions will hold their shape for a long time, but will be cozy and soft.

Another important thing is the spring system: the best you can get is an eight-way hand-tied suspension system, which ties springs in eight different ways, and this will provide the perfect structure for a soft, supportive, and comfortable sofa.

Finally, the last thing to consider is upholstery, which is as varied as there are fabrics: from buttery leather to silk brocade, or the softest velvet you can imagine, when choosing a luxury sofa it all comes down to your tastes.

Different Styles of Luxury Sofas

A sofa can be an understated piece of furniture or a blatant demonstration of style. It can even represent a whole style period – ever heard of a Louis XV chair? – so choosing a style can be an overwhelming task. Keep in mind that even if your décor is restricted to a particular style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include a piece that doesn’t “belong” to it.

There are basic shapes and styles of luxury sofas, such as the knole, the settee and the canapé, which are French styles; the camelback and the chesterfield, which are British, and more modern styles such as art deco, lawson, sectional and tuxedo styles of sofas, which first appeared during the 20th century.

If you want customization, the a sectional sofa might be a good choice for you, since it allows for multiple configurations and that will let you change your living room from time to time. Take your time and look into different styles before taking the big step.

Our selection of the top 10 best luxury sofas in 2018

1 – Iona 96” Sofa, Ombré Blue Linen


Three rich shades of blue and the softest, panel tufted linen, and a resistant and modern framework made of alder and walnut wood make this an elegant and modern sofa. The plush filling makes it comfortable for spending a cozy afternoon on it with your favorite book, and your guests will want to stay in your house for long hours. The shades of blue are royal, periwinkle and navy, which bring a sense of peace and calm to your living room, and those colors combined with the brown hardwood legs of the sofa create a combination of regal and homey that will make you want to spend all your free time sitting there.

2 – Gess 90” Tuxedo Sofa, Ivory Linen

Modern. Plush. Lavish. Soft. Cozy. A comfortable tuxedo sofa to sit and relax in your home or office. The sofa has a frame and splayed legs made of reclaimed alder, a water-resistant hardwood used for the bases of stilt houses in Venice. Filled with down and feathers and upholstered with washed linen in ivory hues, the tufted body of this sofa is incredibly soft and springy, which adds to the comfort and support of the piece. It includes two decorative pillows in the same linen and filled with feathers and down, and the combination will make you want to take long afternoon naps snuggled with a blanket.

3- Annelise 84” Sofa, Indigo Batik/Cream

Beautiful, modern lines that perfectly complement the indigo print of the fabric. The upholstery of this elegant, classy sofa is a combination of linen and cotton, and the insides are filled with polyurethane foam of high durability and density, covered with down and feathers to make it more fluffy and comfortable while it retains its shape, which ensures comfort and relaxation for its users. The frame is built of strong and resilient alder wood and combined with the pewter screws that hold the structure together guarantees you will have an enviable sofa for years to come. For ease of transportation the legs of the sofa can be unscrewed. The sofa’s design incorporates two side pillows to rest your arms and four cushions in the back, and you can play with their placement to change the style in a moment.

4- Beau 72.5” Sofa, Gray

Another tuxedo design in a lovely and warm gray color, this stylish and exquisite sofa combines an enchanting contemporary design with the simple and clean lines of today’s aesthetic parameters. This model was designed by Kara Mann of Milling Road fame, and her background in art and fashion really come through with this piece. Heavily padded for added comfort, the strong and durable birch frame is covered with durable linen in gray, an easy color to integrate to any style of décor, and filled with foam and downy feathers to ensure pleasant afternoons of delightful conversation. The birch frame comes in oyster color and the upholstery in gray. Functional and versatile, this sofa can easily blend into any room.

5 – Catherine Sofa, Navy Velvet

With a tuxedo design that evokes the 19th century and Jane Austen’s heroines, this stunning sofa is elegant and regal, a perfect fit if your living room is opulent and richly decorated. The soft, navy blue velvet encloses a steady frame made of birch, pine and plywood, with heavy padding made of strong and durable foam. The silver colored nail heads and the buttoned back add to the charm, bringing a new look to the classic style. The legs have caster wheels incorporated for ease of movement and to protect your floor from nasty scratches.

6 – Serena 72” Settee, Oyster White

Manufactured in the United States with a sturdy frame made of alder in a dark walnut color and a linen upholstery in classic oyster white, this tuxedo settee is the embodiment of classic elegance and allure. The deep button tufts on the upholstery add to the look of cushioned comfort, which is provided by the use of poly-foam. Brass nail-heads and hardwood legs complete the piece for a fabulous piece that will make your living room look like sophistication arrived to stay.

7 – Coco 82” Tufted Sofa, Pewter

Furniture designer Kristin Drohan not only has glamour in mind, she also works towards creating pieces that are friendly to the environment by using recycled and low-impact materials in her works. This time she came up with this luxurious sofa, with hardwood frame and micro suede upholstery in pewter color, recycled-metal spring coils for added springiness, and filled with recycled polyester and polyurethane for a durable and eco-friendly piece of furniture. It is an elegant design adorned with tufts and buttons to make it look even cozier – if such a thing is possible – and the micro suede is highly resistant to most stains and dirt. This sofa is a great investment overall, and an even better choice if you want a versatile and environmentally friendly sofa.

8 – 1920s English Oxblood Chesterfield Sofa

Vintage is the game and this sofa is definitely winning. This piece was reportedly made in England and, like wine, age has only increased its appeal. With a wooden frame and supple, buttery, oxblood red leather upholstery, this is a one of a kind piece that will grace any room. Thoughts of elegant men’s clubs, important business meetings and powerful people come to mind as we look at this classical chesterfield sofa. Soft curves and sinuous lines combined with the tufted back and armrests invite to an evening of relaxation with a good book and a drink.

9 – Garbo 85” Sofa, Turmeric Velvet

This beautiful sofa in soft yellow brings thoughts of sun and spring to mind. The fresh and energizing color combines soft velvet upholstery with a strong kiln-dried hardwood frame, metallic springs and fillings of high density polyurethane foam, down and feathers to create a warm, comfortable and luxurious sofa. It is a classically designed sofa with mahogany spiral-cut legs, this three seater sofa is perfect if you are looking for something elegant yet bright and energizing. Reinforced stitches and high-quality micro-denier polyester lining on the cushions and upholstery will ensure a long life of use, preventing spills and stains from damaging the sofa.

10 – Lucio 78” Sofa, Cream

If the beautiful interlaced decorative design of the arms of this sofa don’t catch your eye, nothing else will. This tuxedo style sofa has a strong frame made of birch and gorgeous cream upholstery on the seat, and teal and cream cushions. The frame is painted black and has brass finishes on the armrests, and the seat, as well as the cushions, is filled with feathers and down. The seat also has hand-tied springs for better suspension, which combined with the feathers and down filling make it cushy and comfy, perfect to spend long hours talking with your friends.

How To Choose Leather Italian Sofas in 2019

Some times you need a simple sofa, and other times you just want the best that money can buy. If you are looking for the best leather sofa, look for Italian leather. Regarded as the best and highly sought after, Italian leather is of high quality, beauty and durability.

It’s important to not mix up Italian design sofas and sofas using Italian leather, one of the finest leather you can find for a couch/sofa. We’ll focus on the Italian leather here but we did include in our selection a few Italian design sofas.

What is an Italian sofa?

An Italian sofa is a sofa upholstered in Italian leather, which is widely considered as the best leather you can find. The Italian artisans who work with leather put an enormous amount of effort into their products, and as such, they will only allow the best quality to reach customers.

Italian leather workers use all-natural products to manufacture their leather, and since the process is handmade, the final product is more expensive than mass produced leather, and it takes longer to make. Each piece manufactured with Italian leather is one of a kind because the tanning process leaves different patterns, so two items of the same type will never look identical.

How to choose an Italian sofa?

The first thing to know is that there are different types of leather available: full grain, top grain, patent, chrome, vegetable tanned, aniline leather, semi-aniline leather, pigmented leather, finished split leather, pull-up leather, suede, embossed leather and more.

Next, you want to touch the leather sofa, and pay special attention to the texture, grain, craftsmanship and stitching. If the leather feels supple to the touch, is clean and the craftsmanship and stitching look detailed and careful, those are signs of a good quality sofa. If on the contrary, the leather feels stiff and has a plastic texture and smell, keep walking. Find out if there are certificates of authenticity for your preferred model and if the sofa has a warranty.

Be prepared to sit and relax on many different sofas and ask many questions to find the perfect model for your needs. Remember that you will be investing on a piece of furniture that will stay with you for long years to come, so do not rush the decision.

Caring for your Italian leather sofa

Leather, as resistant as it is, is also delicate and requires certain care to retain its quality:

  • If you want to use something to cover your Italian leather sofa, use blankets made of natural fabrics and avoid plastics, as leather needs to breathe to avoid mildew.
  • If you live in a humid area, keep your leather sofa in a well-aired room or use a dehumidifier to avoid mold.
  • Keep your leather sofa away from direct sunlight or the heat of chimneys, as it can decolorize and dry it.
  • Use a hand-held vacuum and a dry cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Avoid using silicone, wax or alcohol-based products to clean your sofa.
  • Use a light leather conditioner on your sofa once or twice per year.

Our selection of the top 10 Best Italian Sofas

1 – Chesterfield Sofa by Mod Made

A classic design, modernised by the white top grain tufted Italian leather upholstery, this beautiful sofa is the perfect mix between timeless romance and contemporary fun. Sit back, relax and enjoy a delightful evening entertaining or just marveling at your good taste.

2- Valencia 2 Pice Sofa by American Eagle Furniture

This handsome sofa upholstered wtih the finest top grain Italian leather will be the perfect addition to a modern, sunny living room. The soft, buttery yellow leather upholstery will bring a sense of light and joy to your room, and the plush, soft cushions filled with high-density foam will bring the comfort. Hardwood frames are the last component in this piece that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

3 – Dorianne Sectional Sofa by Limari Home

A delightful and lively orange leather upholstery covers a hardwood frame, high-density foam filling, all supported by modern metal legs; a delightful combination which creates this beautiful sectional sofa. It is designed for your comfort and will be the perfect piece for a medium-sized living room.

4 – Classic Tufted Victorian Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

An elegant Victorian sofa with scroll arm rests; this will be the focus of a grand living room. Beautiful, buttery Italian leather covers a strong and resistant hardwood frame. The tufted buttons add to the classic look, and five wooden legs in a dark color give it stability to support its large frame.

5 – Versachi II Sofa & Loveseat by ESF

A modern European design, this is perfect for a modern and elegant living room. The cushions are filled with high-density foam covered with memory foam for increased comfort, and the hardwood frame of recycled pine or oak is corner-blocked for enhanced strength. Finally, the upholstery is top grain Italian leather with a leatherette back, and brass studs finish the look.

6 – Abbyson Living Foyer Premier Sofa by Abbyson Living

A beautiful sofa upholstered in top grain Italian leather in two tones of brown, this luxurious model has a kiln-dried hardwood frame and is filled with high-density foam for a comfortable, plush rest. It is hand-stitched with tufted buttons and the corners have block joints for added resistance.

7 – Handmade Vintage 72 Inch Sofa by Patrick

With flawless handmade finishes, this sofa screams elegance. An alder wood frame upholstered in true Brompton top grain Italian leather and filled with high-density foam and metal springs, this is the pinnacle of sophistication and comfort. It comes in different colors – brown, caramel or grey – and it supports up to a thousand pounds of weight. A sofa to last a lifetime!

8 – Copenhagen Contemporary Italian Design Sectional Sofa by Beliani

A combination of cowhide for the seating surfaces and synthetic leather for the rest, this sectional sofa is a perfect match between modern design and high quality. It can seat up to people and is supported by sixteen metallic legs with rubber bottoms to avoid scratches. The beautiful finishes and comfortable cushioning will be a favorite of visitors and roommates alike!

9 – Left Sectional Sofa by J&M Furniture

A functional and modern sectional sofa upholstered in top grain Italian leather and supported by metallic legs, this model is perfect for a contemporary décor. Six head cushions can be adjusted to suit the needs, and you can be sure that your guests will never want to leave your living room!

10 – Espresso Sectional Sofa by VIG Furniture

Beautiful and modern sectional sofa set upholstered in top grain Italian leather, this set includes a sectional sofa, a coffee table and two ottoman chairs that can be used as footrests or side tables. The headrests can be adjusted to fit your needs. This sectional sofa is a perfect addition to any contemporary living room.

How To Choose A Sofa / Couch Under $200 In 2019

A sofa is not only an investment; it’s also a subjective acquirement because it must fulfill several demands: it must feel adequate to the place, be visually pleasing, and be comfortable. Still, for most people, spending countless hours going to different stores and then cashing out thousands of dollars for a luxury sofa is not an option.

But that doesn’t mean there are no options. It is perfectly possible to find an affordable sofa under 200 that fulfills your needs. As long as you keep realistic expectations -as in most cases, quality is directly proportional to price- and use a few tips, looking for a couch under 200 dollars online is a great option to save time and money.

The reasons for this are many. Looking for a sofa online seems risky but it’s actually becoming the preferred method since it allows you to:

  • Check hundreds of options from the comfort of your home
  • Compare a variety of sofas in a short time
  • Read online reviews of verified purchases (especially in Amazon)
  • And, despite not being able to touch it, you can easily research the construction materials
  • All which will save you a lot of time and transportation money, since you won’t have to move from store to store

The process of choosing a couch under 200 is not different from looking for an expensive one. You don’t have to worry about the cost but you’ll still need to take some time to consider its constructing materials, the dimensions of the room, the traffic of the area, and decide which style and design go best with the rest of the decoration.

During your online search for a sofa under 200, you’ll probably find yourself repeatedly looking at couches that look amazing but are cheaply made, or stumble upon expensive sofas completely out of your budget. This article is meant to serve as a guide, where you’ll find a selection of the best sofa under 200 dollars that you can easily get online without much hassle.

Buying a couch on a budget

Determining how much you can spend is the most basic and most obvious step. The budget will give you a frame where you can start looking and considering your options.


Next, consider the purpose of the couch: Is it for a business space or a home? Do you plan to spend a lot of time there reading or watching TV, or is it to sit occasionally when you receive guests? Do you need it to be multi-purpose, for lounge and sleep? Or is it mostly for decoration as a focal point? The answer to these questions will help you think more precisely about size, quality, style, and colors, and thus narrow your quest.

Size and Shape

After that, consider its dimensions. Measure the room where you’ll be locating the sofa and the exact spot where you’ll be placing it. You must also measure any passage places (doors, stairs, elevators, etc.), as you don’t want to purchase a sofa only to find out you can enter it.

Don’t be discouraged even if your room is on the smaller side. While it’s true that larger places allow more experimentation, with the right layout and size, you should be able to place your couch without problems.

A useful tip when measuring the room is using a masking tape to plan the layout of the furniture.


Knowing the purpose of the sofa and environment where it will be, will also hint you the best upholstery and construction materials. It might be best to avoid light colors if you have small children, or if you have pets that spend a lot of time outside. Likewise, avoid delicate fabric and opt for one that’s durable and easier to clean (like canvas).

When to buy it?

New furniture releases occur in spring (late-March), so February is a good month to look for bargains. This is because most online stores are clearing their inventory to make space for the newer collection. Don’t worry about trends, they come and go and it doesn’t mean the old collection is not pretty or fashionable anymore.

Last, but not least, remember to check for the delivery cost. It doesn’t make sense to get an affordable sofa under 200, and then spending almost the same on transportation, so be sure to check that as soon as you find one you like.

Useful Tips and Tricks to Buy a Sofa Online

Everything you have read up until now applies if you’re buying your sofa in a store as well as online. However, getting your sofa under 200 online requires additional considerations.

Like any online purchase, it can be risky, but you can reduce the risk by following a few tips from the experts:

 a. Read the Reviews

Reviews and rates are the best indicators of the product’s worth. If the sofa has an overall good score, then the best chances it has of turning out to be a good product.

That said, keep in mind that almost all reviews are subjective and depend on individual expectations and use. One feature might be a con for some users, but a pro for others. So, you’ll need to read them with an objective point of view and remembering your own expectations.

Also, look for reviews that contain photos of the sofa in a real environment. It will give you a better sense of how it looks without the studio lighting and professional styling.

 b. Picture How it Will Look

One thing is to fall in love with a picture of a couch, and another thing is to actually have it in your place.

Unless you end up having to change the entire decoration of the room, make sure the sofa of your liking agrees with the rest of the decoration.

 c. Order Fabric Swatches

Some retailers offer to send fabric swatches without charge. If you find this opportunity, take it! It’s very useful to see the fabric’s real color and learn if it’s resistant enough, easy to clean, comfortable, etc.

 d. Understand the Delivery, Warranty, Return, and Exchange Policies

Reading the fine print is always the most boring part, but it will make you feel confident after making a decision buying your sofa online. Check these policies to avoid unpleasant situations, and don’t hesitate to contact the retailer if you need additional information.

What should you expect from a cheaper sofa?

At this point, it’s important to highlight one of the previous statements of this guide: in most cases, quality is directly proportional to price. This brings to memory a popular saying that goes “you get what you pay for”.

Whether you buy art, technology, furniture, or clothing, the more expensive the item, the more quality you should expect.

That said, getting a sofa under 200 doesn’t necessarily mean it will break and be unusable after just some months of use. However, it is true that you shouldn’t expect it stays with you for the following 20 years, especially after constant use.

The key is being careful when choosing a cheaper sofa so that you don’t end up throwing away your money. Read about the construction materials and the reviews from verified purchases. Take your time and analyze the different options before making a definitive choice; a slower process is less stressful than wasting money on a product that wasn’t worth it at the end.

A good purchase should last up to three, or even five years at most, but not much more than that.

After considering all the above, take a look of our selection of top 8 couches under 200 $.

Our selection of the top 10 Best Sofas / Couches under 200 $

1 – Modern Futon Couch Bed, by DHP

Futons are always a popular choice since they combine functionality and style. This convertible futon sofa maintains the characteristic minimalistic design of the earlier futons, with a modern design. It’s built on a solid hardwood frame, and the legs are made of chromed stainless steel with a rubber end to avoid it slides and scratches your floor.

The upholstery is made of linen, which is resistant and easy to clean. The dark color is both elegant and practical –which makes it a great choice if you have small kids or pets, as stains and dirt won’t be easily noticeable.

It can hold a maximum weight of 600 lbs (272 Kg), and its length and width can fit about three or four people of average size.

People with small spaces could benefit from this item since it can be turned into a bed for guests, or simply for lounging around during leisure time.

The best thing about its sober color is that it allows you to play and experiment. For a maximum visual effect, add a few bright and colorful cushions and see how much it can improve the decoration.

You can also have it in grey or in black.

2 – Two-Tone Colorful Velvet Sofa, by Divano Roma Furniture

This one is a solid and beautiful couch that fulfills the premise of ‘good value for the price’.

The design is modern, with dark-blue velvet upholstery and a clearer shade trim at the edges, giving it a nice visual detail for contrast. The dimensions of the seat (67″ W x 20″ D, or 170cm W x 51cm D) can accommodate two or three persons, which also makes this one a good option for a small space.

The structure is strong and easy to assemble by two or even just one person. The cushions are firm, filled with high-density foam to retain their original shape without the deforming that usually occurs from constant use. The backside, although somewhat low, is softer and offers enough support.

It comes with two accent pillows that really add up to its design. This couch is versatile and works for homey décor as well as in a modern living room.

If you’d prefer other colors, check out the black/red combination, or the red/white combination.

3 – Memory Foam Convertible Futon, by Mainstay

If you’re looking for a mix of minimalism and coziness, this is the sofa for you.

This futon seems inspired in the classic Chesterfield sofas, with the contemporary elements of the minimalistic futons. The suede upholstery is soft, and the camel color gives it a homey feeling.

It doesn’t contain spring, and the filling is from memory foam, so it can handle the weight without losing its original shape. It’s a rather comfortable option for sitting and sleeping. It’s versatile as well, and you can adapt it to for your personal use: the armrests and back are adjustable in different angles, adjust the right and left parts individually, or make t flat for a full twin bed.

It’s a sturdy futon and only takes a few minutes to assemble. A perfect –affordable and comfortable option for a warm place.

4 – Modern Futon Couch with Faux Leather, by DHP

A simple and elegant couch, with beautiful white faux leather upholstery and chromed legs. Convenient double function as a sofa and a futon, perfect for a minimalistic décor.

Like most sofas made by this brand, it’s very easy to assemble, only requiring to attach the legs. The filling is firm but cozy.

Given its measures (32.5″ x 69″ x 27.5″, or 82.55 cm x 175.26 cm x 69.85 cm), it’s probably a better option if you have a short or average height.

The design looks neat, and its bright-white color makes this sofa look expensive and quite fashionable. This piece can certainly stand out as it allows you to experiment with other colors in the décor.

It also comes in black color.

5 – Modern Faux Leather Futon, by Best Choice Products

With it dark matte color, this one is another chic option for those inclined for the modern and contemporary decor styles.

This futon is made out of resistant faux leather, with four chromed legs for better stability. On a first glance, it looks like a stylish two-seat sofa with a convenient fold-down in the middle to hold cups during social situations or a movie marathon, but the reclining back and the removing armrests turn it in a functional bed without complication.

It’s very easy to assemble by just one person. Its design, dimensions (30″ L x 66″ W x 30,5″ H, or 76cm L x 168cm W x 77cm H) and weight capacity make this suitable for small spaces.

Its elegant design fits in an office, a living room, or an entertainment room, and doesn’t need any additional items to make it look stylish and stand out. You can also have it in a beautiful white color.

6 – Microfiber Reclining Lounge Sofa, by Best Choice Products

Simple, elegant, and versatile, with microfiber upholstery that is durable, soft, and easy to clean. The padding is quite firm, which could be a con for some people, but has the benefit of maintaining its shape.

It’s sturdy and easy to assemble in just a few minutes, as it only requires you attach the legs. Its size makes it ideal for a small room, and the design works in a home or an office.

On its own, this sofa is an excellent choice for a sober and minimalistic design, but you can experiment with a few colorful pillows to make it stand out and look cozier and fun.

Also available in grey color.

7 – Lodge Convertible Futon Couch, by DHP

Sturdy and comfortable, this couch is a versatile solution for small spaces in a house or an office. The design is attractive and simple. The built-in pillow is firm, making it a good choice for people who prefer a firm seat.

As the rest of the sofas listed her, this one also requires minimum assembly (screw-on legs). The upholstery is made of microfiber and the deep and elegant color can blend well with any other colors.

The weight limit is 600 lb (272 Kg), and its size can sit two or three people with average size. As a futon, it’s on the smaller side, with a size of 70″ x 39″ x 13.5″ (178 cm x 99 cm x 34 cm).

The design is neat, attractive, and compact, a good addition for a living room, guest room, or office. It also comes in black, brown, and charcoal.

8 – Convertible Splitback Futon Couch, by DHP

This is another stylish and modern design for home or office. The best details are the chromed and slanted legs that, together with the faux leather upholstery, give this sofa a neat and elegant look.

It takes only a few minutes to assemble. The frame is sturdy and the filling is firm but comfortable. The back can be reclined in three different angles, so you can adjust it according to your own needs, or convert it into a small futon.

It can seat two persons comfortably, and like most of the other sofas listed here, this convertible couch is convenient for small spaces.


Comparison Table – Sofas under $200

SofaNameBrandPrice (USD)Seating CapacityUpholstery Material
Modern Futon Couch BedDHP$150.343Linen
Two-Tone Velvet SofaDivano Roma Furniture$199.992Velvet
Memory Foam Convertble FutonMainstays$185.642Faux Leather
Modern Futon Couch with Faux LeatherDHP$140.992Faux Leather
Modern Faux Leather FutonBest Choice Products$178.992PU Leather
Microfiber Reclining Lounge SofaBest Choice Products$139.99-Microfiber
Lodge Convertible Futon CouchDHP$134.992Microfiber
Convertible Splitback Futon CouchDHP$134.992Faux Leather


 Should I buy a sofa on Amazon?

The retail world and the traditional way of buying things (clothes, shoes, and even furniture) in the stores are changing. Amazon, the biggest e-commerce store in the world, is at the forefront of this change.

Thanks to customer reviews, easy return policies, and prime delivery, there are many advantages in buying your next sofa from Amazon, including:

  • Customer Service: Amazon has a massive and loyal customer base. Buying directly from Amazon pretty much guarantees that you’ll have your questions answered and issues resolved since the company has a big reputation to live up to.
  • Time-Saving: You can browse through hundreds of couches in one place from the comfort of your home thanks to Amazon huge catalogue. Also, for any product you’re looking at, Amazon will show you similar items in style and price, accelerating your product selection.
  • Customer Reviews: Amazon allows customers to leave verified reviews on any item sold on Amazon, which helps greatly in seeing what actual customers think of the item after receiving it.
  • Delivery: Only brands with impeccable delivery service are allowed to sell on Amazon, guaranteeing a smooth delivery process of your sofa all the way to your home.

If you’d like to browse all the sofas under $200 selling on Amazon, click here.
For all the sofas under $200 selling on Amazon with FREE delivery, click here.

Otherwise, read our selection for the best sofas under $300 in 2018. 

How To Choose A Backless Sofa Bed In 2020

Decorating your home, and particularly your living room can be a stressful situation. Knowing your tastes as well as of those who live with you and getting to an understanding of the style you want is an important stage of the process, which is why reading about decoration and styles and sharing that information with your roommates is of the utmost importance. When choosing such an important piece as a sofa, it is best if all parts are in agreement.

There are dozens of different sofa models to choose from, and if you want something practical yet highly versatile and decorative, you might want to consider getting a backless sofa for your home or office.

What’s a backless sofa?

A backless sofa is a type of sofa that as it name implies doesn’t have a back. There are several types of backless sofas such as divans and recamiers. Backless sofas are usually placed against a wall and decorated with pillows and cushions to make them cozier and give more support to your back when you sit on them, but they can also be placed to “float” in a room and be separated from walls as a sort of bench or bed.

Did you know that divans are not European? They were born in the Middle East, specifically in the Ottoman Empire, where they used bent mats reclined against the walls to give more sitting space in public meeting places such as government offices. They were later brought to Europe in the 18th century, and their popularity spread throughout the world. They can be placed directly on the floor or on a low frame to give them some height.

Next, there are the recamiers. The original design of recamiers had scrolled armrests on each side and no back support, but more modern designs use straight lines instead of the original scroll shape. They are named after Madame Recamier, a French socialité who posed on a backless sofa in 1800. That portrait made the model famous throughout France, and later the rest of Europe and the world.

One benefit of backless sofas is that it can also be used as a guest bed when you are in need of sleeping accommodations. They are very useful if you receive overnight guests and have no space for a guest room.

Why choose a backless sofa?

Backless sofas are versatile and practical if you ignore the fact that in most cases they should be placed against a wall. They allow for creativity with the use of pillows and cushions, and they are practical because they can be used both as a sitting piece and as a bed.

If you are lacking in space – your living room is small, you don’t have a guest room – or you just want something original, then a backless sofa is a good option to explore. As with everything else, time has influenced the design and you can find different choices in the market to satisfy your style and needs.

How to choose a backless sofa?

The first step is knowing what you are going for in terms of style, but not being afraid of experimenting. Maybe you have a contemporary living room, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to modern furniture. A classy, romantic looking recamier might be the perfect addition to give an edge to your space.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is size. Measure the room where you want to place the backless sofa – or any other piece of furniture, really – and sketch possible layouts so you have an idea of what to look for. It would not be wise to buy a beautiful, enormous divan if the room where you intend to place it in is tiny! Or imagine if you had to carry it all the way up the stairs to find out it doesn’t fit through the door, what a disappointment that would be!

The next thing is the material used. This is closely related to the style you want for the room and the general decoration you have going on. For a durable piece, leather upholstery is a great idea, but if you want something more informal and relaxed, choose a soft and comfortable fabric, wide enough to accommodate fluffy pillows. You should also make special considerations if you have children and/or pets.

If the backless sofa is going to be placed in a popular room and is going to see lots of use, consider getting one with a sturdy frame, whether it’s metallic or wooden, and strong, resistant fabric – such as microfiber – or leather for the upholstery. If it’s mostly going to be a decorative piece you can choose more “delicate” materials such as silk or brocade.

And the final touch: pillows and cushions. Those will give support and add to the comfort of the users. You can go in any direction with them, choosing matching or contrasting fabrics and colors to make the backless sofa stand out in your room.

Where to place a backless sofa?

Now that is a question to ponder before committing to a particular piece of furniture and especially a sofa. It can become a challenge, deciding where the backless sofa will be, but the first question you should ask yourself is: do you want the backless sofa against a wall or floating in the room? If you put it against a wall you can add several cushions and pillows to act as a backrest, but if you put it away from walls you won’t have that option, and it will act as a sort of bench. Of course, anywhere you put it it will retain its ability to become a bed as the need arises, but you should take some time to think about the final layout of the room.

We mentioned earlier a drawn sketch is a good way to imagine what your living room will look like, but if you are more visual you might want to use painters tape to translate the sketch you made on paper into your actual living room floor. Then you can see if there is enough space to move the furniture – nobody likes bumping their toes against a table chair! – and you can try several layouts before making a final decision.

You can also place your backless sofa against a windowed wall, it will be a perfect spot for a lazy afternoon of reading and tea, or just to spend time admiring your garden or your apartment view. 

Our selection of the top 10 best backless sofa in 2018

1 – Sutton 72” Daybed, Oyster

A classic design built with more modern materials, this beautiful daybed consists of an alder wood frame covered with a resistant fabric made with a blend of polyurethane and acrylic in oyster color. It’s filled with polyurethane, wrapped in feather for more comfort, with a trim made of brass nailheads to highlight the elegant lines. The contrast between the dark walnut color of the legs and the pale oyster upholstery adds to the chic look. The only con? Your guests will never want to leave!

2 – Bevin Daybed, Azure Herringbone

There is much to love about this lovely, streamlined daybed, starting with its strong yet dainty looking metallic frame made of brass, and the beautiful fabric decorated with a herringbone pattern in azure blue. The cushion and armrests are filled with feathers to maximize the coziness of the daybed, and the upholstery is a fabric made with a blend of rayon, polyester, and nylon for an easy to clean and durable piece of furniture. This daybed is the perfect addition to a relaxed yet modern room.

3 – Louis VI Style French Antique Daybed

This daybed is for the most romantic, vintage-loving, history enthusiasts of the lot. A real 19th-century antique, this Louis XV daybed is the perfect addition for an elegant, timeless room. The beautifully carved walnut has resisted the pass of time with grace, as well as the olive green velvet upholstery. A historical piece that will bring memories of a time when life was slower than the modern day. One pillow roll in the same olive green velvet adds to the fanciful, nostalgic look.

4 – Addison 85” Daybed, Natural

Swank is the name of the game, and this stylish and functional daybed has it to spare. With a modern design that combines slanted armrests, a heavily stuffed pillow top seat and two additional cushions in a contrasting pattern, this daybed is a perfect piece for a chic and cozy room. The frame of this daybed is made of alder that has been dried in a kiln for added strength and durability; the upholstery is a mix of fabrics such as cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester and rayon and the filling is comprised of feathers and down in a 10% to 90% proportion. For an added bonus, the wooden frame is environmentally responsible as it was made under careful practices, and the whole piece uses American-made finishes and technology for a high-quality product.

5 – Anne Day Chaise, Key Lime Velvet

A sustainable wood frame combined with upholstery made of a durable and easy to clean blend of polyester and velvet, and a cozy cushion with springs and filled with down; this backless sofa sized as an individual bed is the answer to your sitting needs, as well as the perfect bed for unexpected guests. Designed by environmentally conscious Kristin Drohan, this piece combines the best USA’s manufacturing standards for a well built and long-lasting piece of furniture. The sunny yellow upholstery will bring a dash of spring to your room.

6 – Donovan Daybed, Ivory Linen

This sitting piece will be the talk of your guests! An alder frame with tapered legs in espresso brown, combined with ivory white Belgian linen upholstery and feather and down filling are the makings of a really cushy backless sofa and daybed. This handcrafted, modernized sofa will easily match any type of decoration you have, bringing a touch of elegance to the room.

7 – Andrew 54″ Day Chaise, Navy

Another beautiful design by the talented Kristin Drohan, this chic chaise is made of sustainable maple wood, one of the hardest woods around, which has been made even stronger by being kiln-dried. Corner blocks reinforce the frame for added stability, and the eight-way-hand-tied springs made of recycled metal combined with the down filling give this sofa a bouncy comfort. Made in the USA with high-quality materials to ensure durability.

8 – Lynn 72” Daybed, Sand Twill

Handcrafted to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes, this beautiful daybed invites people to spend long afternoons sharing confidences, or just a nice, casual conversation to pass the time in easy comfort. The frame is made with kiln-dried and hardened wood in walnut color, while the upholstery is made of polyester twill in sand color, a durable and easy to clean fabric that stands well against heavy use and sunlight, and will hold the cushion’s shape for a long time. The sides of this backless sofa are tufted, which adds to the idea of comfort that this sofa provides. It also includes two bolster cushions for extra coziness.

9 – Bel Air 84″ Bench, Black Velvet

The first thing to catch the eye is the X-shaped alder wood bracket base. Next, the luxuriously plush cushions upholstered in black velvet. This cozy and comfortable double-seater is the perfect invitation for relaxation in your home or office. The thick, polyurethane foam covered with feathers makes it a charming piece of furniture to rest after – or even during – a long day. Perfect for a modern and stylish room.

10 – Chesire Skirted Daybed, White Linen

A romantic yet modern piece for your living room or bedroom, this skirted backless sofa is made of a hardwood and plywood frame, with padding of thick polyurethane foam covered with down and cotton for longstanding comfort and enjoyment, and beautiful snow white linen upholstery with steel nail heads to emphasize the delicate curves of the scalloped armrests. It includes two bolster cushions to increase the luxurious coziness provided by the cushioned seating. Made in the USA and handcrafted by expert furniture manufacturers, with all the attention to detail and materials of the highest quality to ensure a life of durability.

As you can see, there are plenty of models and materials to choose from. The most important thing is that you choose the one that suits you and your style. Make sure to visit our other articles if you need more tips or inspiration to decorate your living room.

Find An Ergonomic Sofa In 2019

Choosing a sofa to relax and unwind is no easy task. There are many models of different sofas in the market and each one has its specific characteristics, and you need to choose the one that best suits your body type, morphology, and especially your back, in order to find the best sofa for your body.

Nowadays, the design in terms of sofas and ergonomics does not stop evolving, and it takes into account criteria such as seat angle, lumbar area (and the back in general) or inclination of the footrest. The goal is clear and it is none other than trying to find the best position possible so you can feel well relaxed every time you use it.

Ergonomics, what does this mean?

That is the first question you need to answer, and we are here to help you: Ergonomic is the adaptation of any type of equipment to the biomechanics of human movement. Whether we are talking about smartphones, gym equipment, car seats, baby strollers, anything can be improved upon so the final product is more comfortable for the user.

The main purpose of ergonomics is to design products, spaces and jobs, with the objective of adapting them to the needs and abilities of the people that will use them or perform them. This results in improved efficiency, increased safety and overall well-being of the people involved.

What is the purpose of an ergonomic sofa?

You might have heard about ergonomic pillows or mattresses, why wouldn’t there be ergonomic sofas as well? The science of ergonomics is responsible for designing places and objects taking into account the capabilities and characteristics of its workers, residents or users.

When designing an ergonomic sofa, these principles are applied to produce a sofa that comfortably accommodates the hips, back and arms, to maximize comfort and minimize problems that could derive from its use, such as back and neck pain and other ailments.

When using an ergonomic sofa, the lumbar area should be sheltered and the hips cannot be below the knees once we are seated. As we mentioned above, another important thing to consider is that the armrest is at elbow height. Having a sofa that meets these criteria is a guarantee that you will have maximum comfort.

How can you choose an ergonomic sofa?

There can be no doubt about the importance of ergonomics, and it is also an important factor to consider when choosing a sofa. Unfortunately, ergonomics is not a widespread concept and a lot of people make mistakes when looking for an ergonomic sofa. There are three different aspects you need to focus on:

The height of the backrest

For a couch to be really comfortable it is important that the height of the backrest from the ground to the highest part of its structure measures between 33.5 and 37.5 inches (85 and 95 cm), so the user can maintain a correct posture while sitting. This height supports the head so that the neck rests optimally. This detail is of vital importance, since in the long run we will avoid those annoying back and neck problems.

The depth of the seats

It should allow to sit comfortably without any pressure on the knees. The depth should be at least 35.5 inches (90 cm). When sitting, your legs should be at a 90 degree angle and your hips should align with your knees for best posture. It is convenient to choose a sofa that is firm for sitting but has a more plush back, that will better protect the kidneys.

The position of the armrests

If you use the sofa every day to rest or take a nap, it is best to focus on choosing a sofa with comfortable armrests. Why? Because the armrests often become improvised pillows and these should be soft to facilitate the rest of neck and head.

The ideal height of the armrests is around the 12 -20 cm from the seat to its highest part. The sofa should always have armrests at the height of the elbow and if possible the best option is to find a sofa with adaptable armrests. There is no reason to give up a sofa with high or hard armrests. If you like to rest on the sofa and the armrests are tall or hard, you should opt for a longer sofa of 78 inches or more (2 meters) from one end to the other, (usually these sofas have 3 seats) so that you can stretch completely on the sofa without having to rest your head on the armrests.

There are other important aspects to consider, such as the materials of the sofa, the rigidness of the structure, and of course, the style of sofa you want for your living space.

Do you want a soft or hard sofa? Usually, the correct answer is: neither too hard nor too soft. The firmness of the furniture will depend to a great extent on the filling of the seats, backrests and in some cases of the armrests. The materials with which these parts are filled are foam (the most usual and economical) and feathers, although the latter option is more expensive. Keep in mind that ergonomic sofas are more firm in the sitting area and a bit softer in the back, so make sure to try different models until you find the perfect combination of hardness and plushness.

If you want a sturdy sofa that will remain in good condition over the years, the best you can do is take a look at the rigidity of the structure. You can check if the inner framework of the piece you like is firm enough by lifting one side of the sofa. If it is very easy to lift it will be better to choose another model. A good, resistant sofa will feel robust and should be on the heavier side.

Finally, you need to consider where you will place your ergonomic sofa and what kind of look you are going for. If your space is not that big, a three-seater might not be the best choice. Measure the space and draw a sketch of your living room so you know what you will be able to fit in there.

The different types of ergonomic sofas

Ergonomic sofas are the best option if you are looking for comfort, either for pleasure or because you need it for your health. If you suffer from back problems, you need to be seated most of the time, or you are in the third age, an ergonomic sofa will give you the necessary comfort. Of course, if you just want a good sofa to watch movies or relax with a good book, they are a perfect choice, too.

Ergonomic sofas come in all styles, as long as the basic points (height of backrest, depth of seat, and positioning of armrests) are covered. You can find ergonomic chesterfield sofas, sectionals, sofa beds, Lawson sofas, mid-century, contemporary, camel backs, chaises, you name it. The important thing is that they adapt to your body’s needs and don’t cause you any discomfort or harm.

Where to buy an ergonomic sofa?

Buying an ergonomic sofa is not as difficult as it sounds. As with buying anything else, you just need to make sure to buy something of quality and think of your purchase as an investment in your quality of life.

If you are the kind of people that needs to visit stores and look (and maybe try) what you want to buy, you should see what furniture stores are in your area. If, however, you prefer doing your research online before jumping into the quest, there are several choices around; here you have some of them:



A Norwegian company that specializes in ergonomic furniture, the brand focuses on aspects that boost comfort and helps solve practical problems for the user. One of Ekornes main interests is to combine efficiency with quality by using high-quality components and designs in their standardized production, which satisfies both the requirements of their clients and their own high-standards. They are also a green company, and are committed to preserving the environment through the use of sustainable materials and best practices of the industry.



Another Norwegian brand, Fjords is the product of the labor of the Hjellegjerde brothers, who started manufacturing furniture in their family home’s cellar, in the town of Sykkylven, back in the 1940’s. Their principles are producing the best possible furniture using high-quality materials and Norwegian design, to satisfy their clients’ need of comfort.



The amazing curated marketplace for modern and new look design of home furniture. If you have an eye for design and wants something original with unique lines and a story behind each piece, Clippings is the place for you. You’ll find lots of different sofa designs including unique ergonomic styles.



An online store for homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home professionals. Launched in 2009 by a young couple, the site has kept growing and now represents a worldwide community of 40 millions members. Tons of sofas to choose from, including ergonomic ones.


A household name in the home décor business, OKL started in 2009 and they work with furniture and home accessories designers to offer limited-time sales to their clients. Their catalogue includes brands such as Barclay Butera, Kristin Drohan and Baker Furniture. A plus of their website is the inspired pictures of different styles that make your search easier.

No list of online shopping can leave the giant retailer out. Amazon is a great option to check out styles and find bargains. Just make sure to check the reviews of your favorite sofas before hitting the buy button!

If you need more help to find a fantastic sofa for your home or office, check out out other articles.